26 Animals Expressing How You Feel About The Sweltering Temperatures Right Now

It’s. just. so. hot.

1. This dog who is trying but just can’t.

ID: 1389743

2. This horse who isn’t even sure where he is, but it’s a little more shady in there, OK?

ID: 1389699

3. This tiger who heard someone wanted to make him get out of the pool.

Don’t even try it.

ID: 1389712

4. These bunnies who can’t even deal with consciousness in this heat.

Too hot to think.

ID: 1389721

5. This dog who knows what’s up.


ID: 1389727

6. This cat who needs to come inside AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

Plz help.

ID: 1389749

7. This dog who can feel himself floating back to the surface and is terrified PLEASE NO MORE SUN.

ID: 1389798

8. This cat who is SO thankful this hammock has some air flow, at least.

ID: 1389753

9. This cat who heard you were thinking about turning off the air conditioning and just opening the windows.

And she will cut you if you do.

ID: 1389765

10. This tiger who NEEDS this right now.

ID: 1389706

11. This cat who has just given up on being comfortable.

Stop trying to make comfort happen (in this heat). It’s not going to happen.

ID: 1389773

12. This cat who is desperately trying to figure out how to turn this fan on.

ID: 1389877

13. This dog experiencing nirvana.

ID: 1389776

14. This dog who is NOT happy about how much water is missing his face.

Seriously, aim better! He needs that sweet sweet relief.

ID: 1389783

15. This lion who is actually melting into this tree branch.

ID: 1389841

16. These cats who recommend that you put together this AC unit RIGHT NOW.

Or else.

ID: 1389886

17. This dog who is done.

Just… no more.

ID: 1389802

18. This dog who is so overwhelmed by wonderful feelings at this exact instant that she can’t even deal.


ID: 1389789

19. This dog who is LITERALLY on the verge of tears at the thought of getting out of the lake.

ID: 1389809

20. This dog who is trying to pant but can’t even, it’s too hot for that.

ID: 1389828

21. This bear who needs the shade to stay right where it is, thank you very much.

ID: 1389850

22. This dog who is PRAYING RIGHT NOW that the heat will stop.

ID: 1389865

23. This dog who doesn’t even care how this looks, it feels so good.

ID: 1389881

24. And this guy.

Who can’t. He just can’t.

ID: 1389892

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