22 Dogs Who Are Having A Hard Time Finding Post-Grad Employment

For recent college graduates, today’s job market is totally dog-eat-dog. Hahahaha see what I did there?

1. “I swear, if I see one more entry-level position that requires previous experience…”

ID: 1207640

2. “Why is this cover letter so hard to write?”

ID: 1207658

3. “That’s it, I’m done looking for the day.”

ID: 1207664

4. “Three rejections already today.” *Sigh*

ID: 1207675

6. “Must. Keep. Typing. Up. This. Application.”

ID: 1207632

7. “Aaand another company with no open positions.”

ID: 1207689

8. “I’m really glad I bought this new suit for that interview I didn’t even end up getting.”

ID: 1207699

9. “I feel like banging my head against the ground right now.”

ID: 1207670

10. “Of course I’m tired, this is my fourth phone interview of the day.”

ID: 1207702

11. “Yeah, I’d like to order a large pizza with a side of employment, please.”

ID: 1207710

12. “Well I thought my resume looked good, but there must be a mistake here somewhere since I haven’t heard back about any of those applications I sent in.”

ID: 1207720

13. “How do I actually use LinkedIn?”

ID: 1207647

14. “Does ‘dealing with overwhelming ennui’ count as a marketable skill?”

ID: 1207731

15. “This is what I would wear to my first day of work…if I had a job.”

ID: 1207738

16. “Yes, I’m begging. Please don’t judge.”

ID: 1207743

17. “I can’t even find anything in the newspaper classifieds.”

ID: 1207763

18. “I feel terrible. About everything.”

ID: 1207750

19. “Maybe if I get up early, my job search will actually be productive today.”

ID: 1207765

20. “Why does no one want to hire me? What have I done wrong?”

ID: 1207770

21. “I know I look disheveled, but I just don’t care right now.”

ID: 1207767

22. “Seriously, I’ve got pretty low standards at this point.”

ID: 1207777

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