19 Reasons Red Foxes Are Your New Best Friend

Get ready to fall in love with these stone cold foxes.

1. They Will Sing You A Pretty Song

2. They’ll Give You Snuggles Right When you Need Them

3. They’re So Damn Excited To See You

4. They Adorably Curl Up And Nap Until You Get Home

5. They’ll Be Your #1 Companion

6. When They’re Puppies They’re LIke, “Hey What’s Up I’m Awesome And I Love You”

7. Again, They Are Soooo Happy To See You

9. They Are Protective Of You

10. They Make You Question Your Life Choices With One Look

11. They Love You Even When You Talk Like A Dummy

12. They Prove They Are Fun-Time Sportsmen

14. Because Look At My Face, Stupid

15. We’ll Have A Lot To Talk About

16. I’ll Teach You About Meditation

17. Because Disney Got It Right For Once

18. Because I Want to Kiss You As Much As You Want To Kiss Me (Which = A Bunch!!)

19. Because We Both Agree That Water And Glass = Magic

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