25 Things To Do With Your Books When You Get A Kindle

Even if you “go digital” there are still more than two dozen different ways to reduce, reuse and recycle those babies. Make a bath, teach your pets to read, hide your booze….

2. Make Cute Coat Racks

3. Make a Kindle Stand for your Kindle

5. Celebrate Christmas

7. Enjoy Them With Drinks

9. Donate To Your Local Bookstore

10. Hide Your Wedding Ring

11. Hide Your Booze

13. Start a Terrarium?

16. Design a New Headboard

17. Find an Excuse to Buy an Indoor Ladder

18. Use Those Old Phonebooths

20. Add Support To Your Step

21. Teach Kitty About Harry Potter

23. Create an Art Installation in a Public Place

24. See Things From Another Perspective

25. Upgrade the “Take a Penny, Leave a Penny” Bowl

26. BONUS: Make a Stealthy Case For Your Kindle… Oof.

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