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    • amandab156

      I’m a 32yo mother of 2 little boys and I’ve always been fat. Like 5’0” and 250lbs of fat. But after 5years of my body failing me as my husband and I struggled with infertility followed by 2 horrible pregnancies I HATED my body. But I lived with it, I played the jolly fat lady and raised my boys to be themselves, which to me was no big deal. But everything changed when my oldest son started school, suddenly I was fighting for him, against kids who were calling him gay, against adults who didn’t get why a little boy wanted to go to the father/daughter dance, and the administration who didn’t understand why I couldn’t just tell my son that boys don’t wear pink, so the bullies would leave him alone. It has been a fight everyday while he struggles with bullies and not understanding why people don’t let him be who he wants to be, who he is inside.  Then I got a message from a friend I hadn’t seen in years, she has a little pink loving boy like my son, and she wanted to thank me for being strong and fighting for my boy. Because it helped her fight for hers. The next week a friend found out she was having a boy, and she told me she hoped to be as good a mom to her boys as I am to mine… And something clicked in my head. I’m not just a fat woman, people don’t just look at me and see the shell. That was when I fell in love with my body, when I realized that I’m not the size of my jeans, I’m a strong, beautiful woman. Changing the world one ignorant bully at a time, and looking fierce in my size 22 outfit while I do it!

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