The Evolution Of Jared Padalecki’s Hair

The intense evolution of Jared Padalecki’s hair from 2002-2013.

1. The Disney-Channel-Heartthrob.

ID: 1051330

2. The Straight-Down-The-Middle.

ID: 1051336

3. The I’m-Adorable.

ID: 1051339

4. The Curl-Behind-The-Ears.

ID: 1051348

5. The Farrah-Fawcett.

ID: 1051353

6. The Can-I-Borrow-A-Brush.

ID: 1051357

7. The How-About-Some-Pointed-Sideburns.

ID: 1051364

8. The It-Keeps-My-Neck-Warm.

ID: 1051369

9. The…Wait, what hair?

ID: 1051373

10. The Oh-Hey-There-Mutton-Chops.

ID: 1051371

11. The I-Don’t-Own-Scissors.

ID: 1051376

12. The…I just give up.

ID: 1051379

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