The 20 Craziest Fandoms On Tumblr

They’re dedicated…and possibly insane.

1. Hunters (Supernatural)

So much crying. So much hurt. But they can’t stop watching.

ID: 1271192

2. Sherlockians

The long hiatus only heightens the frenzy.

ID: 1271209

3. Whovians

The range of emotions is bigger than the inside of the TARDIS.

ID: 1271230

4. Fannibals

They are new, but have grown fast.

ID: 1271683

5. Potterheads

The gateway fandom.

ID: 1272351

6. Gleeks

They’re dedication to their ships is scary sometimes.

ID: 1272361

7. Teen Wolf

They mostly post about “Sterek”.

ID: 1272455

8. Avengers

They like the booty.

ID: 1271770

9. Ringers (The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings)

Some of the most dedicated fans. It’s not easy learning Elvish.

ID: 1272479

10. Trekkies

Bringing in a new wave of crazy thanks to the reboot.

ID: 1272380

11. Cumberbitches (Benedict Cumberbatch)

Yes, they are also Sherlockians, but c’mon, they’re okay withe calling themselves Cumberbitches.

ID: 1272300

12. Nerdfighters

John and Hank Green’s personal army.

ID: 1272485

13. Merlin

The show ended last year, but it’s still on your dash constantly.

ID: 1272344

14. Directioners

They’re everywhere.

ID: 1271368

15. Tributes (The Hunger Games)

Even when the odds aren’t in their favor, they still to do stuff like this.

ID: 1272232

16. Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire

Even though Martin kills all their favorite characters, they still worship him.

ID: 1271583

17. The Walking Dead

They made a meme about salad…

ID: 1271736

18. Whedonverse Fans

From Browncoats to Slayers, these people love Joss Whedon.

ID: 1272529

19. Homestucks

They’ve even raised money to fund a video game based on the web comic.

ID: 1272553

20. Avatards (Avatar: the Last Airbender)

This cartoon has so many people asking, “Which element would YOU manipulate?”

ID: 1272619

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