The 15 Greatest Things About Darren Criss

Only scratching the surface.

1. His Disney covers

ID: 1095691

2. He started a fashion trend

ID: 1095758

3. His yearbook quote

ID: 1095793

4. He played Harry Potter

In Team Starkid’s “A Very Potter Musical”, “A Very Potter Sequel” and “A Very Potter Senior Year”.

ID: 1095719

5. His Halloween costumes

ID: 1095803

6. He joined his own street team

ID: 1095726

7. His dancing

ID: 1095818

8. His meme

ID: 1095822

9. The President taught him how to fistbump

ID: 1095722

10. His socks

ID: 1095827

11. His Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas

ID: 1095834

12. How much he loves his brother

Chuck Criss of The Freelance Wales

ID: 1095837

13. His nail polish

ID: 1095855

14. His talent

ID: 1095861

15. He reminds us that we’re not alone

ID: 1095784

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