Proof "Supernatural" Is Obsessed With "Back To The Future"

This show can’t keep it in its pants for BTTF.

1. There was this scene.

4X3 “In The Beginning”

ID: 1163334

2. And this scene.

Episode 6X18 “Frontierland”

ID: 1163335

Which they stole from this.

ID: 1163342

3. Dean used this trick again to send a letter to Sam from 1944.

Dean: Back to the Future 3! I’m going to need some paper.

7X12 “Time After Time”

ID: 1163347

4. Guess what day he wrote it.

ID: 1163350

5. Dean used this alias when he traveled back to the Old West.

6X18 “Frontierland”

ID: 1163359

I wonder where he got that?

ID: 1163361

6. There was that time Chronos was in on it.

Dean: He’s using the Biff strategy…Chronos is betting on races he already knows the outcome of.

7X12 “Time After Time”

ID: 1163363

7. BTTF is the only way Dean understands time travel.

ID: 1163365

Dean: “What, the angels got their hands on some DeLoreans? What he hell is going on here?”

4X3 “In The Beginning”

ID: 1163369

Dean: I thought I smelled your stink on this “Back to the Future” crap.

5X4 “The End”

ID: 1163370

Dean: So what, you’re like a DeLorean without enough plutonium?

5X13 “The Song Remains The Same”

ID: 1163366

Dean: I’m guessing he’s gonna whip up another one of those blood spells and Marty McFly himself back to the 1950s.

8X12 “As Time Goes By”

ID: 1163371


ID: 1163372

Oh, and here’s Misha with a DeLorean.

ID: 1163373

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