8 Soup And Stew Recipes To Keep You Warm All Winter Long

Baby, it’s cold outside. Warm up with something hot and delicious.

1. Okay. So it’s getting cold out there.

2. Like unbelievably cold.

3. But there’s one thing that makes losing feeling in your toes worth it.

4. And that’s SOUP. And stew.

5. Not only is soup delicious.

6. It’s actually very fun (and easy!) to make.

7. Don’t know where to start? We have 8 tasty and warm ideas for you!

8. Pappa al Pomodoro

A rustic Tuscan tomato stew with freshly cracked black pepper and fruity extra virgin olive oil.

9. 17 Generations of Maine Lobster Chowder

A creamy, rich lobster chowder with potatoes, onions, and salt pork.

10. Pork & Tomatillo Stew

Packed with vegetables, this stew holds bright, deep flavors.

11. Crabe a Toulonnaise

Decadent and buttery crab pairs well with briny mussels, white pepper and a touch of cayenne.

12. Butternut Squash Soup

A smooth, rich soup made with chicken stock and a whisper of Tabasco.

13. French Onion Soup with Roasted Bone Marrow

French onion soup with gruyere livened up with the unctuous, indulgent flavor of roasted bone marrow.

14. Mediterranean Fish Soup

A light, yet rich fish soup spiced with red chili flakes and saffron threads.

15. Tomato Consomme with Basil and Lemongrass

A light-bodied and pure blend of simple flavors, at once sweet and acidic.

16. Need additional advice on how to enjoy your soup?

17. Well, at the very least you need a roaring fire.

So maybe not the most realistic requirement…

18. After you enjoy your soup (in front of a fireplace), learn more about our online cookbooks!

Our cookbooks are created for people who love to cook and are optimized for use on mobile and tablet.

19. Have a favorite soup or stew recipe of your own? Share it with us below!

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