10 Reasons Why People Love/Hate Dawood Al-Sherian

Dawood al-Sherian is a Saudi journalist who hosts a daily show on MBC television to discuss issue of interest to the public. Some people really love him. Some people really hate him.

1. After the success of his daily local current affairs radio show, the Dubai-based Saudi-owned MBC Group decided to offer him a bigger platform with a daily television show called “8PM”

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2. Viewers like watching Dawood grilling his guests, especially when these guests are government officials

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3. In one episode few weeks ago, Dawood called on the Minister of Health to resign after a young girl was infected with HIV virus due to contaminated blood transfusion

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4. When the Ministry of Commerce officials declined to appear on the show, he put a paper with ministry’s name and logo on an empty chair

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5. Not only did viewers appreciate his grilling of officials, but they also liked his colloquial style in speaking to them, something quite unusual on local television

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6. However, critics say his program, while cathartic, does not help solve the problems discussed on the show. They also say he can be quite soft with some officials like he was with the Minister of Education

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7. To his credit, Dawood did apologize when he made mistakes like when the Minister of Water and Electricity called him out for citing an unscientific Twitter poll during their interview

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8. Still, most of his guests seem to genuinely like him, calling him by the nickname “Abu Mohammed”

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9. Dawood’s passionate, animated style of debate and the use of his native Qasseemi dialect have gained him many fans, even if some people find it a bit off-putting

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10. In the end, it doesn’t really matter if you love him or hate him. Because Dawood is here to stay

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