21 Reasons Why We Are Like Aubrey Plaza

Let’s be honest. We all want to be or be friends with Aubry Plaza from Parks and Recreation!

1. 1. We have mutual friends.

ID: 1034843

2. 2. And sometimes our friends betray us.

ID: 1034859

3. 3. We have similar interests.

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4. 4. We pretend that we can play the guitar… But let’s be honest - we know a G, D, and a C chord and that’s about it.

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5. 5. High-Fives and mustaches are our favorite things!

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6. 6. All of our families thought the same thing.

ID: 1034867

7. 7. We are in denial about our mortality.

ID: 1034872

8. 8. We ALL want to be standing next to Rashida Jones and Amy Poehler.

ID: 1034886

9. 9. “Come-backs” aren’t exactly our strong suit.

ID: 1034889

10. 10. We’re probably going to Hell.

ID: 1034894

11. 11. But we’re still thankful for what we have.

ID: 1034912

12. 12. We like to act on our impulses.

ID: 1034916

13. 13. We have the same motto: NEVER TAKE THE BLAME

ID: 1034923

14. 14. We have the same theory on horses: They are only meant for comfy napping places.

ID: 1034927

15. 15. When working with other people, we have the same response.

ID: 1034934

16. 16. Cereal is our shit!

ID: 1034939

17. 17. We don’t deal well with pain.

ID: 1034940

18. 18. We’ve all taken a mugshot or two…

ID: 1034942

19. 19. Penis hats are the best hats.

Also, “Glen,’” is the go-to name.

ID: 1034948

20. 20. We ALL may or may not want to get stoned with Katy Perry and Amy Poehler!

We totally do.

ID: 1034955

21. 21. We have the same views on society.

ID: 1034970

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