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    • allisonf11

      Just lostalot of respect for Bjork. One of them says she is notafeminist but she believes in equal rights, impossible. Real feminism, what feminism has always been, is equality. That doesn’t mean women have to do the same things as men, it means they can, if they want to. Feminists aren’t against women choosing to do anything. Feminists come in all forms, housewives, working women, conservative, liberal. If you want to be equal under the law, if you want the right to vote, if you want to be allowed to drive, go to school and work(something women in some countries are denied simply because they are women)- you areafeminist. You may not exercise your democratic rights but most women, andIshould hope most men would like all women to be allowed the right to vote and if you do, you areafeminist. It is so sad to me that Bjork says she doesn’t want to complain, I’m not complaining either, for myself, butIcan’t not say I’mafeminist inaworld where women are denied rights merely for being women. If you areahumanist, you’reafeminist because they are the same thing, women are human.