17 Things Californians Are Tired Of Hearing

Stereotypes abound.

1. So, do you live next to a celebrity?


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2. All the celebrities live in Hollywood, right?

Try Malibu. Or Agoura Hills.

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3. You have an accent.

Mmm.. no. Not everyone here talks like a surfer, bruh.

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4. So you live by the beach, right?

…I wish.

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5. So have you done a commercial?

Not everyone here wants to act. And not everyone here wants to be a model or musician.

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6. Do you have a pool?

I wanted one my whole life.

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7. Do you live in a really big house?

Real estate is expensive here. And most houses weren’t zoned for 2 stories.

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8. Do you surf?

Most of us live 1 + hours from the coast.

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9. You guys complain about traffic too often.

Uhhh… yeah. No. “Rush hour” is not a game. It lasts 4 hours. And happens twice a day.

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10. You guys have perfect weather.

Have you ever heard of “June Gloom”? It’s real. And “summer weather” lasts for about 6 months. We have to have “Heat Days” due to extreme heat.

Other than that, it’s great.

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11. All Californians are bad drivers.

Mmm… might be true of some. But a lot of “our” bad drivers are people from out of state. Check their license plates.

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12. Californians are stuck up and only concerned with their appearances.

Goes along with the assumption we’re all in The Biz. No.

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13. California is a cesspool of sin and corruption.

Eh. That’s a very broad generalization.

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14. Californians are all hippies and all have extreme political views.

Nope. Not everyone is an atheist either.

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15. Everyone does drugs (namely, pot.)

Stereotype. And media exaggeration. It’s a choice.

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16. Nothing important, except entertainment, comes from California.

We contribute a lot to the agriculture industry.

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17. Californians all say “dude.”

This one is generally true.

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