The Fake Interpreter Made A Hilarious “Saturday Night Live” Appearance Last Night

There were also selfies.

1. Last night’s Saturday Night Live cold open addressed Obama’s behavior at Nelson Mandel’s funeral: the selfie, his handshake with Raúl Castro, and there was even an appearance from the notorious fake interpreter.

2. The interpreter’s gestures were pretty perfect as Obama spoke about the website.

NBC / Via BuzzFeed

3. “I have been listening to what Americans are saying.”

NBC / Via BuzzFeed

4. “We’ve seen huge improvements to our website.”

NBC / Via BuzzFeed

5. “While I can’t say I’ve been entirely thrilled with the results…”

NBC / Via BuzzFeed

6. “… I’m just relieved that the website has been turned on again.”

NBC / Via BuzzFeed

7. Then German Chancellor Angela Merkel came to take some selfies with the President. This was the serious one.

NBC / Via BuzzFeed

8. Then they did a fun one.

NBC / Via BuzzFeed

9. During the past week people were hoping the fake interpreter would make an appearance on the show.

I was watching SNL just to see if they said something about the sign language interpreter and it was the first thing!! Hahaha

— Big_BamBino (@Great Britton)

Bet you a dollar the sign language interpreter will be the first thing on SNL this weekend.

— ArthurDelaneyHP (@Arthur Delaney)

12. And they did not let the people down.

SA Interpreter #SNL I could have watched a whole show just of that bit.

— winniedunbar (@winniedunbar)

Kenan Thompson was terrific as the "sign language interpreter" from South Africa. Thank you for giving us all what we hoped for!! #SNL

— greg_otto (@Greg Principato)

15. Seriously, I could have watched a lot more of just this.

NBC / Via BuzzFeed

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