Good-Bye, @Everyword

The Twitter feed of every word is shutting down on June 7.

1. It’s been seven years since @everyword, the Twitter feed of every word in the English language, sent its first tweet: “a.”

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3. The surprisingly poetic and popular feed will officially shut down on June 7.

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5. Adam Parrish, the creator of the account, used a leixcon of American English he found on the internet to build the automated feed, the Wall Street Journal reported. After over 109,000 tweets, it is out of words.

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— everyword (@everyword)
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7. Parrish didn’t say what the final tweet would be, but it’s likely to be sent very early Friday morning.

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— everyword (@everyword)
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9. On Tuesday morning, @everyword’s most recent tweet was “zestier.”

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— everyword (@everyword)
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11. Parrish is a poet and a computer programmer who will be teaching a computer science class at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism this summer.

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— everyword (@everyword)
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13. He built @everyword in 2007, when he was a graduate student in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

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— everyword (@everyword)
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15. “Criticism of Twitter in the early days was that it’s short, meaningless, and puts everything out of context,” Parrish said.

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— everyword (@everyword)
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17. “To have people see a word in their Twitter feed and then riff off of it or to use it as the basis to make jokes with friends, that’s a big vindication for people who care both about language and technology,” he said.

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— everyword (@everyword)
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19. “Sex,” “weed,” and “vagina” are the three most retweeted words.

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— everyword (@everyword)
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21. It’s been a good seven years, @everyword. We’ll miss you.

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— everyword (@everyword)
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