21 Real-World Effects Of The Government Shutdown

The government shut down on Tuesday, meaning that over 2 million federal workers won’t get their paychecks. Here are 21 national monuments, memorials, and programs that have closed.

1. The Lincoln Memorial

2. The Jefferson Memorial

3. The World War II Memorial

4. Vietnam Veterans Memorial to close later today.

6. The Capitol Rotunda

7. The Clinton Center

8. All National Parks

9. Zoos

10. The Botanical Gardens

11. The Statue of Liberty

12. Nearly all NASA employees furloughed.

13. If the shutdown lasts longer than two weeks, millions of veterans will not receive benefits.

14. The Smithsonian museums…

15. Including the National Air and Space Museum

16. And the National Museum of the American Indian

17. The Army’s accounts are closed.

18. So are the Department of Education’s.

19. The Centers for Disease Control is halting its annual flu program.

20. The White House’s website isn’t updating information or responding to inquiries.

21. Even the Senate Hair Care facilities have closed.

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