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  • 25 Quotes That Inspired “This Is 40”

    Judd Apatow’s film “This Is 40” came out last December but I think it is safe to say we’re all still talking about it. From the scene where Paul Rudd can’t cancel his party because he already paid the catering company to when Leslie Mann only has a hundred dollar bill in her purse to the Ryan Adams cameo that ultimately saves their marriage, this comedic yarn about love and arguing is a future classic. Here we trace the inspiration for the film!

    AlexSiquig 9 months ago respond

  • 21 Hunkiest Guys From Twin Peaks

    It’s been twenty years and we’re STILL debating about who the best looking man from Twin Peaks really was. Some would argue that to be a matter of taste (though there are plenty of great options!) but we’ve concluded that objectively there are a certain number of hunks that just stood above the crowd and we proudly present our definitive countdown of the 21 hunkiest hunks from Twin Peaks.

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  • 20 Things Worse Than Watching Breaking Bad

    Most people agree that Breaking Bad has been a huge disappointment, and that there is no point watching some bald drug cook Walter White and his sidekick Jesse Pink Man argue. But believe it or not, some things really are worse than having to watch Breaking Bad. Don’t believe me?

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