Robert Griffin III Beat 2 Defending Champs In 24 Hours

What did you do with your Monday and Tuesday nights?

1. Robert Griffin III continues to lead the Washington Redskins to relevance. They even have a shot at their first playoff appearance since 2007 if they can get past the defending Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

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2. So in a nationally televised must-win Monday Night Football game against the Giants, RGIII stepped up.

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3. He consistently ran all over the defending champs, and this fourth-quarter touchdown was the difference in a 17-16 win.

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5. RGIII’s so magical that even his reckless fumbles…

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6. …get picked up and run the rest of the way into the end zone by teammates.

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7. Anyway, DC sports fans weren’t expecting a second great night, because on Tuesday their Wizards were up against the defending NBA Champion Miami Heat. The Wizards had the league’s worst record (1-13), while the Heat have a guy who does this:

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8. So Washington gets steamrolled in sports like usual, right? Not so fast. Facing four perennial All-Stars, somehow the Wizards looked good.

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9. Like, really good.

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10. As in “knock down threes over Dwyane Wade to beat the defending champs” good.

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11. How did the Wizards magically gain this kind of swagger? There can only be one explanation…

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12. Of course! RGIII was AT THE GAME, his magic rubbed off, and he’s now beaten two defending champions in 24 hours.

And don’t forget the April 26th Heat-Wizards game from last season. RGIII attended, they put his face on the Jumbotron, and it powered the Wizards to a 34-point blowout win.

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13. “Crap” is right, Miami Heat team owner Micky Arison. Better make sure Robert’s not interested in seeing the NBA Playoffs live.

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