48 Gun-Totin’ Christmas Moments

‘Tis the season TO RELOAD?

1. Everybody knows the big Christmas tradition involving guns: Ralphie and that Red Ryder BB Gun in “A Christmas Story”.

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2. Or maybe it’s the Nakatomi Corporation Christmas Party that becomes John McClane’s finest hour in “Die Hard”.

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3. Then again, people have been celebrating gun-totin’ Christmases since the olden days.

(Washington D.C., 1922)

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4. They were marketed as the perfect Christmas gift.

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11. Guns were also celebrated on holiday cards…

ID: 728834

12. …and pin-ups.

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13. Even today, guns still sell best with a Christmas-themed ad pitch.

ID: 728837

This one’s for a pretend-you-have-a-gun iPhone app, available here.

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16. Plus, Santa’s always packin’! Like in cartoons…

ID: 728848

18. …and in comic books…

ID: 728853

19. …and IRL.

ID: 728844

22. Anime characters also lock and load for the holidays…

ID: 728856

23. …especially when they’re fighting Crazy Combat Cyber Kringles.

ID: 728858

24. And don’t even try to find a peaceful Christmas-themed stock photo.

ID: 728908

35. So hang up those holiday ornaments!

ID: 728923

38. Really stretch your Yuletide gun-decorating abilities.

ID: 728897

39. Heck, guns could even be the whole tree!

ID: 728929

40. See, it’s the holidays. All that matters is being together with your family, and with Santa, and with SO many guns.

ID: 728937

43. Just make sure the whole family’s got firearms.

ID: 728942

44. Even Grandma.

ID: 728943

45. Then once the family’s gone to bed for the night you can get some quality time with your special lady (and also your wife).

ID: 728946

47. And hello! Nothing says “the holidays” quite like “The AR-15, 20 inch J&T upper on Stag lower with 6 position stock”.

ID: 728948

48. Yes, the spirit of Christmas is truly best expressed by this item from Zazzle.com.

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