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“Top Model” Winner Lisa D’Amato Sharing Placenta Smoothies With Fellow Former Contestants

This is up there with peeing in a diaper on the crazy scale.

1. Lisa D’Amato, winner* of America’s Next Top Model’s All Star cycle, recently gave birth to her first child.

*Likely be default, after whatever behind-the-scenes drama screwed over rightful champ Angelea Preston. #neverforget.

2. And she’s now making placenta smoothies.

D’Amato tweeted this photo along with the hashtag “#controversial.”

3. The above smoothies were a “his and hers” pair for D’Amato and her husband. But she’s made more for her close friends too!

She recently uploaded an Instagram shot of another Top Model alum, cycle 6 runner-up Joanie Dodds, posing with her newborn and her very own placenta smoothie. What a treat! (There’s also some guy but he’s not been on Top Model so, let’s be honest, isn’t particularly important.)

4. This Instagram photo’s caption: “who’s next?”

And the only right answer: ICONIC TOP MODEL VILLAINESS JADE COLE. Or Tyra herself.

5. Also, this is the best/most exciting post-show photo of Joanie since that time she modeled for a cheap wig catalog.


6. In conclusion, “I Be Like Whoa!”

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