Stop What You’re Doing And Watch These Abercrombie Models Lip Sync To “The Fox” Right Now

You’ll thank me once the video is over.

1. “What does the fox say?” This male model has no clue whatsoever. He doesn’t even know why he’s here.

Here, specifically, meaning: in the middle of some woods, topless, surrounded by psuedo-furries and singing Europop. What buff kids these days will do for a payday, I mean…

ID: 1693083

2. Note: as you’d expect from an A&F video, all the female models wear outlandish animal costumes and/or makeup.

The male models — they’re shirtless. And, even by A&F standards, extra ripped. None of the guys have to dress like elephants.

ID: 1693286

3. This GIF is disconcertingly arousing.


ID: 1693086

4. This is such a Karen Smith moment I don’t even know.

ID: 1693088

5. And you have to admire this model’s commitment to hitting the high note.

Also admirable: his commitment to crunches.

ID: 1693095

6. Pro: abs. Con: elephant suit.

ID: 1693091


Disclaimer: I actually watched this A&F video before watching the original song, and felt like I was losing my mind and/or watching the illicit filming of Abercrombie executives’ weird sex tapes. Which, in both instances, was ok, because abs.

ID: 1693085

8. How long do you think it took for these hotties to perfect the dance moves?

ID: 1693092

9. Their hand gestures are on point.

ID: 1693094

10. Note: here is the fox.

ID: 1693102

11. Enjoy the video in full here.

ID: 1693275

12. Sadly though, the Abercrombie version cuts off just before the part with the old guy in a rocking chair.

Because that scene has “Mike Jeffries cameo” written all over it.

ID: 1693282

13. And here’s the original, just for reference.

So when this song is inevitably part of next year’s Eurovision Song Contest, A&F models must make up the requisite crew of back up dancers. I’m excited already.

ID: 1693276

14. Anyway bye I need to go splash cold water on my face now.

ID: 1693300

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