Some (Not So) Serious Fashion Analysis Of Lady Gaga’s "Applause" Music Video

All the zany looks — applause-worthy or not — and the popular cultural reference points Gaga’s likely appropriating.

1. Lady Gaga just dropped the music video for “Applause,” lead single from her new Artpop album.

ID: 1525672

It’s directed by much-renowned fashion photographers Inez von Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, who are clearly having a whale of a time making Gaga look silly.

ID: 1531885

3. Applause! Get it?

(Britney doesn’t quite get it, but oh well.)

ID: 1525928

4. Anyway, the video is kinda weird.

ID: 1525636


(Helena Bonham-Carter does this “call me unhinged, I dare you?” look better, it must be said.)

ID: 1525629

6. Stop looking through my bedroom curtains and into my soul so deep Gaga, please.

MIMES GONE WILD, it’ll be a thing soon enough.

ID: 1525652

7. There’s shots of Gaga wearing that smeared facepaint she likes so much at the moment.

Also she has an ARTPOP tattoo now.

ID: 1531522

8. Inspired by: how you look/feel when you wake up with last night’s makeup still on.

ID: 1526280

9. Or possibly that time Homer invented a makeup gun on an episode of The Simpsons.

ID: 1531532

10. There’s some sexy writhing around on a plush mattress, as you do when wearing lacy underwear and ankle boots.

ID: 1525631

11. Inspired by: nothing in particular. Gaga just wants to let us all know she’s ready to be seen in skimpy undies again.

ID: 1526299

12. And then she’s dancing around with a parachute.

ID: 1531571

13. Doesn’t it look like good fun?

ID: 1525643

14. Inspired by: Little Edie Beale, those parachute games you used to play at summer camp when it rained, and a small dose of sorcery/mustard gas.

Hopefully not mustard gas though, because that’s not very healthy.

ID: 1526368

15. Gaga might be a little tangled up in all the billowy silk though. Here she’s looking a little distressed.

ID: 1525670

16. But then, a smile! And some bleached eyebrows.

ID: 1525675

17. Inspired by: any of those times when Tyra Banks arbitrarily ordered a would-be model to bleach her brows as part of the Top Model makeover experience.


Pictured here: Cycle 13 hopeful Erin Wagner, who is also wearing a bikini woven out of rope. How you like that, Gaga?

ID: 1526449

18. More heavy makeup.

ID: 1525673

19. Four times the heavy, heavy makeup.

ID: 1525666

20. Inspired by: those faces RuPaul’s Drag Race star Alyssa Edwards makes in the mirror while applying her makeup.

ID: 1526547

21. Any excuse to include this delightful illustration, basically.

And besides, we know Gaga loves herself some Drag Race.

ID: 1531597

22. Then there’s this freaky circus act madness, which not even the hardiest of Gaga’s followers should try at home.

Unless they’re practicing with a Katy Perry fan, that is.

ID: 1525644

23. And this leather glove bikini paired with, wait for it, more leather gloves.

ID: 1526015

24. Inspired by: this look from the fall 2011 Jean Charles de Castelbajac collection.

Via Getty Images
ID: 1532138

25. And also inspired by: Vogue’s international Editor-at-Large Hamish Bowles. Bear with me on this one.

At first glance it’s more inspired by Tilda Swinton’s artful androgyny, but that floppy fringe is very Hamish.

ID: 1526723

26. Anyway, this is the look for the obligatory raunchy dance number, naturally, which in turn is just the sort of project Anna Wintour would ask Hamish to take on as his latest bout of stunt reportage.

Remember that time he auditioned for The X Factor? It can’t get “worse” than that.

ID: 1525637

27. This moment in particular is also inspired by:

ID: 1526850

28. Except then this happens.

ID: 1525642

29. Inspired by: epilepsy.

ID: 1525950

30. Briefly, poor sad Gaga gets trapped in one of those time/space portals that popped up all over Donnie Darko.

ID: 1525646

31. She’s carrying an extremely large “herbal cigarette,” but left her lighter in one of her other sheer ballgowns that has a pocket.

ID: 1525665

32. Inspired by: Mata Hari meets the singing flower sellers in Covent Garden market circa Oliver.

Also, there are shades of Florence Welch/Marina Abramovic’s mournful performance art.

ID: 1532275

33. OK, inter-galaxy portal travel over and Gaga has now sprouted some skeletal wings. Perhaps a side effect of bending the rules of space and time.

Or just a hokey accessory. You decide!

ID: 1525664

34. She has not sprouted horns, because facial prostheses are so 2011, but she’s content to make do with some pointy fingers.

ID: 1525627

35. Inspired by: birds, I guess. Skinny ones.

ID: 1531652

36. Speaking of — NOW SHE’S A SWAN. A fire-breathing swan, specifically.

ID: 1531692

37. AND NOW SHE’S A HORSE. A clothes horse. A couture clothes horse!

Her pants are shiny and she’s doing the robot. What more do/could you people WANT?

ID: 1525635

38. Inspired by: only the coolest carousel horses at the discoteque. Also, maybe bronies. Just about everything comes back to bronies one way or another.

ID: 1531996

39. These inconvenient puffs of pastel smoke are still happening. It’d be more fun if they were cotton candy, wouldn’t it?

After all, if Gaga’s fine to roll around in cake and heavy frosting for a video then loosely spun sugar’s a breeze.

ID: 1525656

40. Note Gaga’s matching clam shell panties. Inspired by: what Mean Girls’ Karen Smith would wear to a Halloween party if she’d dressed as Botticelli’s “The Birth of Venus.”

Sadly this won’t ever happen, because 1) Karen Smith isn’t real, and 2) even if she was, she’d think Botticelli was a type of pasta and carbs are bad, duh.

ID: 1525669

41. This is just a scary screencap I felt needed to be shared.

ID: 1525668

42. This is what happens when you take away Gaga’s gold-plated wheelchairs.

ID: 1525649

43. And then there’s this last facemask, likely poached from the wardrobe department on a Guillermo del Toro movie.

We all wish we’d worn one and thus avoided watching that last scary crawly Gaga GIF.

ID: 1525653

44. Fin.

ID: 1525662

45. See the video in full here, if you enjoy that sort of thing.

ID: 1525706

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