10 Ridiculous Moments From The Nail Art Runway Show On “America’s Next Top Model”

Honestly, Top Model’s producers must have the most fun EVER brainstorming challenges. Anything goes!

A recent Top Model photoshoot saw the would-be models posing with extravagant nail art.

ID: 1648445

Because who doesn’t love a good, gaudy manicure?

ID: 1648446

Also these nails say “SMIZE,” which is actually quite brilliant.

ID: 1648447

In fact, if I didn’t bite my nails, I’d be going to a salon and asking for a “Pot Ledom” manicure right now.

ID: 1645601

But perhaps even better than the photoshoot, however, the models had to “walk” a nail art-centric runway in a scene that, for some reason, got cut from the final episode.

ID: 1648750

1. OH YES, THEY DID. Like this:

ID: 1645694

2. And this.

ID: 1645698

3. This is the strut of a confident forefinger.

ID: 1645703

4. This is how you’d walk a runway if your legs were different lengths.

ID: 1645696

5. And this is how you’d walk the runway in the nail art equivalent of, say, stilts.

Which has also been a Top Model runway challenge! Of course it has.

ID: 1645700

6. This hand model nearly fell off the runway. Gosh, what a risk-taker.

ID: 1645706

7. This walk is too timid, and kind of hunched over.

(Models need to have stand tall, and have good posture!)

ID: 1645699

8. Whereas this is just showing off.

ID: 1645702

9. Ugh, this hand looks like it’s made out of wax and I don’t like it.

ID: 1645701

Anyway, saving the best for last: Chris H and his dangly nail chains. How to walk a runway with that?

ID: 1610938

10. Like this. Just wonderful.

ID: 1645695

Watch the full runway walk-off over on the Official ANTM YouTube channel.

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