Illuminati Symbols Rife At Top New York Fashion Show, Naturally

Because you can’t usher in a new world order if you’re not well-dressed now, can you?

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2. Mara Hoffman’s spring 2014 fashion show featured prints more than a little reminiscent of the conspiracy theory-laden “All Seeing Eye.”

As evidence of the symbol’s significance, here are two answers from a 2011 question asked by Yahoo! user Corey A, if that is his real name: “Is the all seeing eye on the 1 dollar bill bad? What does it really mean? Is it bad or is it good? Does it mean god is watching us?”

Now neither of these answers received the most votes from fellow Yahoo! users, which is a shame. But let’s not let that hold us back.

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4. Anyway, here’s the eye on a loosely tailored pantsuit.

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5. And on both a floaty sundress and bandeau bra to match.

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6. The print popped up on other dressy occasions in pink.

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7. Also printed on the back of cropped, varsity-style jackets.

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Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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8. And even on sunglasses, painstakingly shaped with those dinky little beads you’d use to make friendship bracelets as a kid.

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9. Hoffman’s show did feature a much wider array of intricate, slightly tribal-inspired prints.

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10. I mean, this just looks like a nice example of a breezy geometric print. Shades of ancient Egypt in in its inspirations, maybe?

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Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

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11. And these are just some nice tie-dyed separates. No hidden meanings there, surely.

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Of course, that’s just what the Illuminati WANT YOU TO THINK. They all know that a stripy tie dye pattern like this means the financial markets are due to crash — so buy some chunky gold jewelry and stock up on bottled water now.

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12. And then, crucially, Mara came out to take her post-show bow wearing the print herself.

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She’d even made a special kiddie-sized pair of the pants for her daughter.

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13. And it’s not the first time the ocular* symbol has featured on Hoffman’s runways.

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*Or should it be o-cult-ular? Probably not, so moving on.

Pictured here in the form of a temporary forehead tattoo on a model in Hoffman’s spring 2014 swimwear show, which walked during Miami Swim Week this past July.

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14. Thus, in conclusion:

You better buy Mara’s pants next spring, otherwise, you know, you’ll have nothing to wear when the time comes for the Illuminati take over the world (openly).

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