Beyoncé Covered In Sparkly Body Glitter On New Flaunt Magazine Cover

Five photos of B, tribal Queen of all the cosmos, naked but for those well-placed sparkles and some African jewelry.

1. This is the cover of Flaunt’s new issue. And yes, Beyoncé is certainly flaunting.

ID: 1349645

3. How long would it take to rinse all this body glitter off in the shower afterwards?

A better question: why would you ever want to wash it off?

ID: 1349650

4. The Flaunt shoot also features Beyoncé in some African tribal jewelry.

ID: 1349649

5. And darkened skin.

This isn’t the first time B’s “voluntarily darkened” her skin tone for a fashion editorial either.

ID: 1349648

6. Also, purple skin.

ID: 1349647

7. See more photos over at, where there’s also a bizarre and very entertaining Q&A interview. For example:

ID: 1349679

(Which is a perfect reason to run this photo.)

ID: 1349670

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