And This Is What Kate Middleton Must Wear To The Royal Baby’s Christening

Perfect timing: the new Alexander McQueen campaign debuts. KMid did wear a McQueen wedding dress, after all.


All campaign images courtesy of Alexander McQueen.

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2. The fall/winter 2013 Alexander McQueen collection featured ten looks inspired by, reported fashion critic Tim Blanks, “the excesses of Catholicism.”

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3. That, or the wardrobe of one fierce Elizabethan (drag) queen. Regal, but risqué.

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4. And the collection’s accompanying campaign images, recently debuted, suggest it’s the perfect outfit for the royal baby’s christening.

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5. After all, just because it’s a big day for baby Cambridge doesn’t mean he has to get all the attention, right?

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6. Besides, all these ostrich feathers will give the little royal something to play with during any downtime.

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7. So, basically, this has to happen. If the Duchess of Cambridge won’t dare to wear, then fingers crossed Princess Beatrice will.

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8. Because baby Cambridge will almost certainly* be wearing these under his christening gown.

These are from the Young Versace baby’s clothing line — “Blue Chain Print Trousers With Feet” specifically. And they’re only $70! Still, why should the young’un get to have all the designer fun?

*Read “almost certainly not.”

ID: 1410453

9. Here’s some of the collection’s ornate finery in color. It’s AMAZING, all of it.


See the collection in full here.

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