A Comprehensive List Of People Who Intimidate Anna Wintour

Sit down and get comfy, we’ll be here a while with this one.

A pair of plucky E! red carpet reporters landed a 32 second interview with Anna Wintour at this week’s Great Gatsby premiere.

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That’s no small feat. It meant three whole questions for Vogue’s editor-in-chief, the first two of which kept things nice and simple, focused on the movie and Anna’s “good friend Baz.” (That’s Mr. Luhrmann, the director.)

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But then, a curveball. The final question: “Does anyone intimidate you?”

(That’s Anna’a shocked face.)

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As any good British person would, she answered modestly, giggling: “Oh, everybody.”

And then she scampered away to talk with some people she actually likes (Baz Luhrmann).

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So after some painstaking research, compiled below is the complete and exhaustive list of people known to intimidate Anna Wintour.

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Get comfortable, it’s a long list.

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1. No-one. Absolutely no-one.

h/t The Cut

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