14 Looks From Givenchy’s Amazing New Men’s Resort Collection

A whole line of clothing inspired by the Kim Kardashian couch meme. And personally, I can’t wait to be mistaken for a three-seater sofa on my next beach vacation.

I can’t get over how brilliant these clothes are. Ridiculous, but brilliant.

ID: 1213938

1. Couch.

ID: 1213939

2. Couch with optional leather armrests.


ID: 1213940

3. Couch with one of those creepy plastic covers.

ID: 1213941

4. Hipster couch with camouflage accents.

ID: 1213942

5. Couch with mismatched cushions.

Let’s all look forward to seeing Justin Bieber in a pair of these bizarre dropped-crotch pants. If you squint a little, it looks like there’s a frog splayed across this model’s groin.

ID: 1213943

6. Not a couch but let’s just briefly consider the irony of a designer “favela chic” T-shirt.

ID: 1213947

7. Army reservist couch.

ID: 1213944

8. Army reservist couch déjà vu.

ID: 1213945

9. Polar expedition army reservist couch.

With sequins, because that’s a good representation of the way glaciers sparkle in sunlight. Or, you know, because sequins.

ID: 1213950

10. Alternate polar expedition army reservist couch.

(You know, in case someone else is wearing the first set of home furnishings.)

ID: 1213951

11. Post DADT-repeal army reservist couch.

ID: 1213946

12. Don’t even worry about this because Kanye West has pre-ordered it already.


ID: 1213948

13. And don’t worry about this either, because Amanda Seyfried already wore it better.

ID: 1213949

14. Also, some formalwear.

STILL WITH MANDALS. Studded mandals.

ID: 1213952

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