21 Ways You Know You’re The Most Hungover Person In The World Right Now


1. You might not be able to finish reading this post because looking at anything makes the back of your eyeballs hurt.

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2. You almost punched the person who pulled back the shades.

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3. This will be the expression on your face. All day.

ID: 1451393

4. All friendships have dissolved except the most important one. You + comforter = forever.

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5. After spending forever lying down, you sorta maybe think you’ll be OK, but then you actually get out of bed and everything is still the worst.

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6. Maybe your physical vessel found its way to class, but honestly, you are not there.

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7. You might have even dragged yourself to work, but work will not occur.

That much is without question.

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8. You’re wondering how it’s possible to be alive while simultaneously having ZERO brain cells.

Trying to make thoughts. Thoughts won’t happen.

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9. You also can’t really construct sentences, so conversations are a no-go.

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10. You can’t listen to any music because music is sound and sound is pain.

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11. On one hand, you can’t imagine eating any food ever again, but on the other hand, you want the biggest, greasiest burger on the planet.

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12. Every surface looks like a perfect place to lay down.

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13. One thing that’s surprisingly, almost impossibly hard is moving. Like, moving at all.

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14. When people say the best thing to do is to keep drinking, you almost puke even at the thought of it.

Umm, this is not an average hangover, “friend of mine.”

ID: 1452370

15. You get a whiff of yourself and it all comes flooding back.

ID: 1452593

16. All you’re doing is drinking water and it is NOT HELPING.

ID: 1452688

17. You’re powerfully nostalgic for 24 hours ago when everything was not terrible.

ID: 1452742

18. You’re trying to piece last night together in your mind, but it’s not quite happening.

ID: 1452793

19. The flashes of memory you are getting back are soul-crushingly embarrassing.

ID: 1452900

20. One thing’s for sure: You’ll never let this happen again.

ID: 1452918

21. Until you do.

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