This Woman Doing Sign Language At A Kendrick Lamar Concert Is A True Inspiration

If you’ve ever wondered how to sign “Pussy and Patron make it feel alright,” you’re in luck.

1. This is Amber Galloway-Gallego.

Amber works as a sign language instructor and has interpreted over 300 concerts.

ID: 1770214

2. Here’s Amber and her friend Snoop.

ID: 1766329

3. She’s done some work for Kendrick Lamar in the past.

Lollapalooza 2013.

ID: 1770256

4. And shown laudable enthusiasm. Brio, even.

ID: 1770340

5. At the Austin City Limits festival this weekend, she interpreted K-Dot’s set. And it was awesome.

ID: 1766073

6. *Slow clap* Amber, *slow clap*

ID: 1770353

7. Check out a few more videos of Amber in action here.

ID: 1770363

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