This Corgi Really, Really Loves Running On A Carousel

And his name is Meatball. *faints with joy*

1. Meet Meatball.

ID: 2111805

2. And his owner Carter Grebbien, the man setting everything in motion.

ID: 2111853

3. Meatball is a five year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who loves carousels.

ID: 2111899

4. Look at ‘im go!

ID: 2112371

5. There’s no obstacle he can’t conquer en route to carousel running bliss.

ID: 2112441

6. IMPECCABLE timing, Meatball, impeccable.

ID: 2112453

7. Here’s some Carter Cam.

ID: 2112457

8. Adorable from all angles.

ID: 2112462

9. “Never stop, never stop, never stop, never stop.” — Meatball

ID: 2112464

10. Later buddy! Your enthusiasm is contagious and I salute you. #teammeatball

ID: 2112471

11. Watch the whole video, because OBVIOUSLY.

ID: 2112476

12. H/t Stellar

ID: 2112483

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