19 Signs You’re Too Old For This Crap

“Instead of doing things, how about we don’t do things?”

1. You cannot understand why anyone would go to a crushingly overcrowded bar. On purpose.

That does not make sense.

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2. What’s that sound that’s in every song now? That dubstep thing? Yeah, you can’t handle that.

ID: 1374700

3. Waiting in an infinity-long line for food is not happening.

Dan Nguyen/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: zokuga

You stick with your favorite spot, “Any Place Without a Line.”

ID: 1374148

4. You prefer English to whatever-this-is, thanks.

ID: 1374414

5. Any concert that doesn’t involve seats is basically torture.

Christian Holmér/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: crsan

“My back hurts and I’m tired and you’re all really sweaty and I’m going home now.”

ID: 1374482

6. We don’t even need to discuss festivals.

Montecruz Foto/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: libertinus
ID: 1377563

7. This is no longer cute.

ID: 1375386

8. Not having health insurance: too old for that shit.

ID: 1378005

9. Just looking at shots being poured gives you a headache.

ID: 1378165

10. Theme parties are cause for immediate eye roll.

Can I just come to your party? Do I have to buy a fedora? *sigh*

ID: 1379706

11. You believe that cupcakes are not for adults.

ID: 1378290

12. Moving an entire apartment of heavy junk is off the table.

auremar / Via shutterstock.com

That’s why telephone poles invented Man With Van flyers.

ID: 1378391

13. You’re done with team building, retreats, trust falls, icebreakers.

Too old. For this shit.

ID: 1378471

14. Relentless optimism is exhausting. You’ve seen too much.

Andrew Nielsen/Creative Commons / Via Flickr: 36831886@N03
ID: 1379459

15. Trying to meet someone is, like… effort. Too much effort.

ID: 1379189

16. Ugh, mind games. Who has time for this?

ID: 1378919

17. You can’t/won’t/aren’t interested in keeping up with every new social network. Snapchat is a bridge too far.

ID: 1379959

18. Everyone is always giving you guff for being a buzzkill.

Kues / Via shutterstock.com
ID: 1380682

19. You couldn’t care less about this guff, because YOU ARE TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT.

NBC / Via gifrific.com
ID: 1380586

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