19 Reasons You Should Respect Your Elders

Kids these days have it easy.

1. If we wanted to hear a new album, we had to, you know, buy it.

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2. To have that new song before the album came out, we had to hover over the record button indefinitely waiting to tape it off the radio.

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3. We didn’t have Wikipedia, we had microfilm.

Do you know how tedious this was? (Full disclosure: it was kinda fun, too.)

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4. We couldn’t just “change plans on the fly.”

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Either you got to the right place at the right time, or everything was ruined.

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5. Meeting someone required some effort and courage, not just a GPS-enabled hookup app.

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6. This was our home movie viewing experience.

Young’uns gather ‘round so I can tell you the ghastly tale of… TRACKING.

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7. We didn’t have “on demand,” we had “driving to the store and spending an hour picking out some video that might not even work.”

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8. Arguments with friends couldn’t be settled until we got home and hoped the answer was in the encyclopedia.

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9. We didn’t have video games with “immersive worlds,” we had one pixel at a time.

And we liked it.

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10. We didn’t have Skype, we had calling cards.

No matter how much time you thought you’d bought, it would run out after one ten minute phone call.

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11. Taking trips involved planning and maps. We didn’t have all this GPS stuff.

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12. We couldn’t take a million digital photos and hope one came out well. Every shot was money out of our pocket.

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13. There were no “Smoke Free Areas.” Pretty much anywhere.

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14. Privacy for phone calls was restricted to how far you could stretch out this damn cord.

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15. This was the closest thing to health food we had.

And it turns out it’s not even healthy.

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16. We didn’t have Craigslist or LinkedIn or any other such wizardry. We had a newspaper and a highlighter.

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17. We didn’t have Instagram. Sharing your travel photos meant boring people to death with albums or slides.

They were all #nofilter.

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18. If we lost this page in the newspaper, everything on TV was a complete mystery.

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19. We had something called BOREDOM. It was acceptable and it built character.

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Now you know what to do.

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