28 Reasons You Know Seattle Is The Right Place For You

Sometimes you just know this place is home (or should be). After that it’s just an emerald-colored blur.

1. 1. This view never gets old

I just want to stare at it

ID: 1150138

2. 2. …nor does this view

The view from Kerry Park is so good I want to marry it. Or get married there.

ID: 1150170

3. 3. The rain doesn’t bother you

We have this thing called “being inside” if it bothers you so much

ID: 1150222

4. 4. But your hatred of golf umbrellas is an endless void of rage

This photo is from another city because the last guy who walked around Seattle with a golf umbrella was fed to the orcas.

ID: 1150248

5. 5. Some days you just want fresh flowers, fish, vegetables, mini doughnuts and wind-up toys and you want it all from the same place

Maybe you want a piroshki, too

ID: 1150282

6. 6. You don’t want coffee, you NEED coffee

I hate to brag but Seattle is kind of a coffee town

ID: 1150298

7. 7. Your face when out-of-towners complain about parking

I bet your town would still have cool stuff for you to visit and hang out at if you hadn’t torn it down to build all those parking lots you love so much

ID: 1150310

8. 8. Besides, it’s fun to bike here. You know you love it. Even Mayor Mike McGinn does it

…though he’s probably got a better bike than you’ve got. Frowntown.

ID: 1150338

9. …as do our City Councilmembers

I mean, if the Mayor does it, right?

ID: 1150362

10. 9. If you jog everywhere instead you’ve learned to hate urban assault strollers

“Jogging at Green Lake? Will the strollers part and let us through?”

ID: 1150399

11. 10. You don’t care anymore, you just want someone to tear this thing down

Build your dang tunnel if you must but don’t act like everyone wanted anything more than getting rid of the viaduct

ID: 1150428

12. 11. You forecast the weather by volcano

Legends tell of a man who once saw Mt. Rainier in February

ID: 1150445

13. 12. You set your watch to minor protests

“Oh, is it May Day already? Better tie down the trash cans!”

ID: 1150461

14. 13. Or by the start of complaints about the Blue Angels

3 months before August, like clockwork

ID: 1150494

15. 14. Casual conversation is usually a little blue in comparison to other cities

Even our bosses are GGG when it comes to conversation

ID: 1150516

16. 15. Your friends all have a great collection of vases

Well, I mean, you put water and plants in them, so…

ID: 1150538

17. 16. You take time to enjoy some of our unique architecture after appreciating your friends’ vases

It’s a smashed guitar according to Gehry. Yeah, I don’t know either.

ID: 1150554

18. 17. And when it comes to fantastic buildings and our fantastic views you know what’s up

You might even flash your Husky Card when you pay your admission to this observation deck

ID: 1150565

19. 18. Even if you’ve got Microsoft money you’re still kind of a fan of the bus

They’ll get you there. Unless it’s snowing in which case lolnope

ID: 1150581

20. 19. You might even love trains as much as you love buses if they’d hurry up and build some tracks

Coming soon. Ish. Sorta. Maybe.

ID: 1150639

21. 20. You know Seattle is so nice that Sir Mix-A-Lot and his posse are from here

“My posse’s on Yesler” just doesn’t pull people in, I imagine

ID: 1150646

22. 21. And you’ll always cherish your first Skerritt sighting

…probably at the Market or something

ID: 1150659

23. 22. Our food establishments are so good you still have heartburn from your first visit to Beth’s

“I’m so drunk I’ll eat the whole thing!”

ID: 1150666

24. 23. We’re such a welcoming town for people of all races, religions and sexual orientations

ID: 1150673

25. 24. And sizes, too! We’ve got not one but THREE bear bars

I think it’s the flannel that draws them to Seattle

ID: 1150689

26. 25. Of course, the bears can’t top the Wildrose’s annual pride party

ID: 1150698

27. 26. We’re known for being a pretty awesome loving town

Also: party town.

ID: 1150707

28. 27. It’s easy to see why people fall in love here


ID: 1150712

29. 28. And you wouldn’t have it any other way

I (space needle) Seattle!

ID: 1150730

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