How To Have The Ultimate “Doctor Who” Wedding Experience

For someone who loves you to the end of time and space.

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2. The setup:

Travis Patteron/

Travis Patterson/


It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a TARDIS out on the hillside and some creative costuming.

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3. The engagement ring:

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These rings are called “The Sonic Solitaire” and are designed to look like the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. They don’t do wood.

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4. And the perfect ring box:

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The LED on this TARDIS box lights up when it’s opened.

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6. Save the date:

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These TARDIS blue “save the date” cards are printable PDFs that you can make yourself or send to a print shop.

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7. Matching invitations are a must.

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This design includes inserts for the RSVP card and directions (so no one ends up on the wrong planet on their way to Gallifrey).

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8. This version includes thank you cards:

etsy / Via

The background text is also customizable.

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10. The bouquet:




This paper bouquet incorporates pages from Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time and has a sonic screwdriver handle. Don’t forget the paper boutonnière for the groom!

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11. The wedding bands:

etsy / Via

Get your partner’s name engraved in Gallifreyan for your Doctor Who “I Do.”

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12. The ring pillow:

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Bonus points if your ring bearer dresses up like a tiny Doctor.

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13. For Something Blue:

etsy / Via

Also doubles as something new!

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14. Some dress ideas:


Amy’s dress is by designer Ben de Lisi and Donna’s is by Jasper Conran.

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15. The bridesmaids’ dresses:

Adrianna Papell/

Adrianna Papell/


Bridesmaids in sparkly midnight blue will be the night sky to your bright, white star.

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16. The groom’s bow tie:

Thinkgeek / Via

“Bow ties are cool.”

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17. Add a pair of Gallifreyan cufflinks:

etsy / Via

You’ll be as dapper as the Doctor ever was.

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kevron2001/ Alexis Nedd / Via Thinkstock
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19. The venue:

Ingram Publishing / Via Shutterstock

What could be more Doctor Who than having your party in a planetarium?

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20. The centerpieces:




Any floral arrangement becomes festive when you set it in a TARDIS vase and add some blue feathers!

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21. The guestbook:

etsy / Via

So you can make sure the Raggedy Man didn’t miss your wedding.

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22. A poster for your guests to sign:

etsy / Via

The poster will make a great art piece for any couple’s new home.

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23. Champagne flutes with your names in Circular Gallifreyan:

etsy / Via

Feel free to toast in Gallifreyan as well.

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24. A little blue trim keeps your cake in theme:

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25. This customizable cake topper:

Thinkstock / Via

The Doctor topper looks like he’s been experimenting with backcombing.

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26. Or these Dalek toppers.


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27. Snag this package deal:

etsy / Via

“I love you with both of my hearts.”

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28. And last but not least, party favors!

etsy / Via

The key to the TARDIS (and to opening bottles).

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29. Remember to party hard and don’t let the Eleventh Doctor out-dance you at your own wedding!

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