Here’s One Insanely Specific Easter Egg Hidden In “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”

It’s kind of awesome that someone paid that much attention.

1. So Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the life-ruiningly fun iOS game that literally everyone on the planet is obsessed with right now.

Glu Games Inc. / Via playboard.me
ID: 3480315

2. The game is pretty heavily branded with the Kardashian name.

Glu Games Inc. / Via jezebel.com

It even includes a plot line where your character works at KARDASH, a Kardashian-owned boutique in Miami. Remember this for later.

ID: 3480338

3. But do you know how deep that branding goes?

Glu Games Inc. / Via bustle.com
ID: 3480340

4. DO YOU?????

Alexis Nedd / Via Glu Games Inc.
ID: 3480361

5. Take another look at the loading screen for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. What do you see?

Via Glu Games Inc.
ID: 3480365

6. There’s Kim.

Via Glu Games Inc.

Hi Kim!

ID: 3480368

7. There’s the Hollywood sign replaced with “Kardashian.”

Via Glu Games Inc.

OK cool…

ID: 3480369

8. And there’s…the teeny-tiny number 668 inscribed on one of the buildings?

Via Glu Games Inc.

What’s that about?

ID: 3480372

9. As it turns out, the 668 is an homage to 668 Collins Avenue in Miami, which is the brand new location of the real DASH Miami store!

ID: 3480498

10. Nice job, subliminal advertising. Nice. Job.

Bunim/Murphy Productions / Via giphy.com
ID: 3480513

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