Here’s One Insanely Specific Easter Egg Hidden In “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”

It’s kind of awesome that someone paid that much attention.

1. So Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the life-ruiningly fun iOS game that literally everyone on the planet is obsessed with right now.

Glu Games Inc. / Via

2. The game is pretty heavily branded with the Kardashian name.

Glu Games Inc. / Via

It even includes a plot line where your character works at KARDASH, a Kardashian-owned boutique in Miami. Remember this for later.

3. But do you know how deep that branding goes?

Glu Games Inc. / Via

4. DO YOU?????

Alexis Nedd / Via Glu Games Inc.

5. Take another look at the loading screen for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. What do you see?

Via Glu Games Inc.

6. There’s Kim.

Via Glu Games Inc.

Hi Kim!

7. There’s the Hollywood sign replaced with “Kardashian.”

Via Glu Games Inc.

OK cool…

8. And there’s…the teeny-tiny number 668 inscribed on one of the buildings?

Via Glu Games Inc.

What’s that about?

9. As it turns out, the 668 is an homage to 668 Collins Avenue in Miami, which is the brand new location of the real DASH Miami store!

10. Nice job, subliminal advertising. Nice. Job.

Bunim/Murphy Productions / Via

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