Can You Tell Which Historical Event Happened First?

Nintendo has been around for way longer than you think.

Alexis Nedd/ LucasFilms/Nintendo
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    1. Jurow-Shephard
      Audrey Hepburn
    2. Pool / Reuters
      Queen Elizabeth II
    1. Library of Congress
      The U.S. American Civil War
    2. The existence of samurai in Japan
    1. deyangeorgiev/ Thinkstock
      The filing cabinet
    2. Nerthuz/Thinkstock
      The fax machine
    1. Nintendo
    2. FrozenShutter/ Thinkstock
      The Statue of Liberty
    1. George Newnes Publishers
      “The Hound of the Baskervilles”
    2. George M. Hill Company
      “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”
    1. Women’s Suffrage in Switzerland
    2. Disney / Via tenrandomfacts.com
      “Mary Poppins” the movie
    1. Desilu Productions
    2. Apple Records
    1. Danny Moloshok / Reuters
      Ariana Grande
    2. “RENT” on Broadway
    1. Mary, Queen of Scots
    2. Galileo
    1. DC Comics
    2. Marvel Comics
    1. Milky Way Bars
    2. Oreo Cookies
    1. Dungeons and Dragons
    2. Star Wars
    1. Coca Cola
    2. Dr Pepper
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