Final Exams According To "Parks And Recreation"

The story of college finals told by Pawnee’s finest.

1. You’ve been working so hard all semester

ID: 1138167

2. Now it’s time for finals, how hard could they be?

ID: 1138196

3. So you start making flashcards for your first exam

ID: 1138199

4. And then you realize someone already made them on the internet

ID: 1138203

5. So you study all week long

ID: 1138210

6. But then you get distracted

ID: 1138212

7. It’s the day before your first final and you’re feeling good

ID: 1138216

8. Day turns to night and you start to panic

ID: 1138222

9. You stay up all night studying

ID: 1138224

10. On the morning of the final, you’re like

ID: 1138232

11. When you actually see the test, you’re like

ID: 1138236

12. And then you’re like

ID: 1138239

13. But when you finish the final

ID: 1138242

14. And that night, you celebrate

ID: 1138249

16. Until you remember you have another final tomorrow you haven’t started studying for yet

ID: 1138256

19. And then you deal with the problem like an adult

ID: 1138262

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