Final Exams According To "Parks And Recreation"

The story of college finals told by Pawnee’s finest.

1. You’ve been working so hard all semester

2. Now it’s time for finals, how hard could they be?

3. So you start making flashcards for your first exam

4. And then you realize someone already made them on the internet

5. So you study all week long

6. But then you get distracted

7. It’s the day before your first final and you’re feeling good

8. Day turns to night and you start to panic

9. You stay up all night studying

10. On the morning of the final, you’re like

11. When you actually see the test, you’re like

12. And then you’re like

13. But when you finish the final

14. And that night, you celebrate

16. Until you remember you have another final tomorrow you haven’t started studying for yet

19. And then you deal with the problem like an adult

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