22 Indications You Are The Sheldon Cooper Of Your Friend Group

It’s not your fault you are a highly superior being.

1. You are a bit of a control freak.

ID: 1212678

2. And a major germaphobe.

ID: 1212679

3. You’re the smartest person you know.

ID: 1212680

4. And you react like this when someone tells you you’re wrong.

ID: 1212681

5. You’re just getting acclimated to hugs.

ID: 1212682

6. But always prefer this.

ID: 1212683

7. And other people showing emotion can make you uncomfortable.

ID: 1212684

8. You are focused.

ID: 1212685

9. And have zero time for idiots.

ID: 1212686

10. You kind of do this a lot.

ID: 1212688

11. And get super excited about the things you love.

ID: 1212689

12. Plus your wardrobe has people totally jealous.

ID: 1212690

13. You’re pretty persistent.

ID: 1212691

14. And always have a great one-liner prepared.

ID: 1212692

15. You give amazing death stares.

ID: 1212693

16. And you’re not afraid of a challenge.

ID: 1212694

17. People might think you’re strange, but you know how to refute their claims.

ID: 1212695

18. You can be kind of a buzzkill.

ID: 1212696

19. But you still like to have fun.

ID: 1212699

20. And you know how to party.

ID: 1212700

21. But since you’re good at everything, you might be a little too good at having fun.

ID: 1212701

22. And whenever someone tries to judge you, you’re just like:

ID: 1212702

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