Alexander Rea
Hello. I’m a maker of technology that works for everyone and I’m obsessed with the craft of everything from food to motorcycles. A classic nerd, problem solver and also a freelance studio musician. I work for advertising agencies as a ...
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  • South By Southwest (SXSW) Interactive: 235% Bigger Since 2009. A Review Of This Past Year By An Advertising Technologist

    As festival director Hugh Forrest said in an introduction of presenter Al Gore on Monday during SXSW 2012, “Geeks are the new rock stars of the pop culture landscape.” On June 28th, the “Panel Picker” opened for next year’s SXSW Interactive. The organizers have tweaked the list of categories to reflect the core values of SXSW — creativity and innovation. Over the last four years I’ve tried to balance my time between networking events and panels. Read an advertising technologists POV of this past March event.