15 Things Latinas Are Tired Of Hearing

Please reserve “spicy” for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

First, there are all the food-related terms…

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1. Like “spicy.”

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Woe to the bland Latina actress who fails to ignite a set or photo shoot in an explosion of spice and flavor.

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2. Or “fiery.”

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Like the flames consuming your belongings.

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3. Or “caliente.”

Especially when it’s slurred all mispronounced-like. Flattering. Real flattering.

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4. Or, lord, “Hot Tamale.”

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Which is woefully misguided on at least two levels.

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And let’s talk about the “Angry Latina” trope.

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5. Talk about a self-fulfilling stereotype.

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I wasn’t angry until you chalked up my normal, universal emotional response to a stimulus to an inherent inability to control myself and my reactions. Odd how that works.

Also, why are the Latin names of plants italicized?

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6. Coupled with the stereotype that we’re “loud.”

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[screams internally]

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7. Or “mouthy.”

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8. Oh, and “sassy.”

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Bless your heart.

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9. “Impassioned” and “passionate” are also coded words used to describe us.

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Because other women… don’t have passion? They don’t get upset or emotive? And, more often than not, it’s a “polite” way of dismissing a valid emotional response.

But don’t get it wrong: We do have passion. But it’s real passion, not a coded attempt to undermine the things that excite and motivate us.

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Then there are the words used to talk about our ~*sExiNeSs*~

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10. We’re so “exotic.”

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You guys have no idea.

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11. Or that we’re just so “hot” and sexually available.

Do a Google image search for “Latina.” Just try it.

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12. Or that we’re all “curvy.”

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We exist in literally every shape, size, and color.

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13. Or that Latinas are your “type.”

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Because we’re all so similar and interchangeable.

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14. Especially if you call us “Spanish girls.”

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Were you absent for… all of geography?

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15. And when we’re asked to “say something sexy in Spanish”?

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Assuming we all spoke Spanish, which we don’t, we’d probably say something like “¡Que vergüenza! Este cara de sapo realmente cree que tiene un chance conmigo.”

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Basically: There is no one way to be “Latina.”

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