32 Ridiculously Hysterical Faces Of “New Girl’s” Nick Miller

Because New Girl would be absolutely nothing without this gem of a man. And his limitless facial expressions.

1. Frustrated Face

Sometimes it’s difficult to explain the feels.

ID: 2921536

2. Reasoning With A Lie Face

Honesty is the best policy, Nicholas.

ID: 2921849

3. Scared Face

ID: 2921547

4. Creeped Out Face

ID: 2921554

5. Nervous Face

It’s in the eyes.

ID: 2921560

6. Sexy Face

Get down witcha bad self, Nicky.

ID: 2921565

7. Philosophical Face

But what of the lettuce?

ID: 2921566

8. Defeated Face

It’s okay Nick, I say “Bingo”.

ID: 2921569

9. Dazed And Confused Face

We’re all a little lost, Miller.

ID: 2921571

10. Shocked Face

ID: 2921575

11. Pain Face


Like the distraught face of a screaming newborn baby.

ID: 2921602

12. Spastic Wink Face

The sheer amount of people who cannot wink flawlessly is incredible.

ID: 2921573

13. Relaxed Face

ID: 2921629

14. Mocking Face (With Mustache Attachment)


Though that mustache hardly gives him the right to mock anybody but himself.

ID: 2921817

15. Flirty Face

But Winston though.

ID: 2921810

16. Disbelieving Face

Interchangeable with “Disgusted Face” and “Too Much Information Face”.

ID: 2921806

17. Inspirational Proclamation Face

This one belongs on a greeting card.

ID: 2921807

18. Tough Guy Face


Because thug life.

ID: 2921813

19. Uncomfortable Face

Fox / Via vulture.com

In the arms of the angel, fly away from here.

ID: 2921873

20. Longing Face

It’s all in the chin protrusion.

ID: 2921819

21. Awkward Face

This one about sums up all of them.

ID: 2921815

22. Feelin’ It Face

ID: 2921881

23. Disapproving Face

So it’s a hard no, then?

ID: 2921820

24. Smug Face

Schmidt and Cece’s synchronized eye rolls are everything.

ID: 2921822

25. Obvious Declaration Face

ID: 2921826

26. Finger Gun Face

Fox / Via vulture.com
ID: 2921861

27. Lying Face


ID: 2921834

28. Life Advice Face

ID: 2921843

29. Informational Face

ID: 2921851

30. Eye Roll Face

Zero words necessary.

ID: 2921853

31. Raw Fear Face

Fox / Via vulture.com

I wish there was a GIF of this entire scene.

ID: 2921864

32. Reality Sucks Face

Fox / Via giphy.com

But they’re some pretty entertaining lemons.

ID: 2921893

Never change, Nick Miller.

ID: 2921895

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