This ‘95 Beverly Hills High Yearbook Is A Real-Life Version Of “Clueless”

I graduated from Beverly the same year the movie came out – and it was kinda really like that.

In case you’ve ever wondered whether Clueless was inspired by real life, I have some proof — my 1995 Beverly Hills High School yearbook. Here’s what we can learn from it…

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2. The kids had money.

The theme of my senior yearbook was “Welcome to the Real World.” This seems like a nod to MTV’s The Real World, or a way to address the mythologies outsiders had about the school? But, um, the whole book pretty much underscores all of the stereotypes – and doubles down.

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3. The fashion was dope.

There was seriously a laser focus on baby backpacks among the ladies – so stylish, so practical, such a great match for, say, a white collarless shirt from Fred Segal? Knee-highs, jeweled barrettes, and copious mohair rounded out the looks for the Bettys roaming Beverly’s halls. It was 100-percent for real.

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4. The kids set trends.

As Beverly went, so went the rest of aspirational teen culture. The cool kids knew that Snapple and “Con-tramp-o” were audi cum laude by then (duh), but baby tees and body piercing (for the Tais in the crowd) were smokin’ hot.

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5. We really had a Mr. Hall!

OK, try to follow: Remember the debate teacher, Mr. Hall, in Clueless, who lives happily ever after with Miss Geist? Well, he was portrayed by Wally Shawn in the movie, but we did have a real Mr. Hall at Beverly who was an English teacher – and he had a small role as the principal! Remember that guy? You cannot make this stuff up.

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6. Everyone was talking about O.J.

In 1995, O.J. Simpson’s slow-speed Bronco chase on L.A. freeways was major news, obvi. And his so-called “Dream Team” of defense lawyers even got a shout out in our yearbook – although Robert Kardashian (senior) was snubbed in the pre-KUWTK age. Remember how Cher insults Josh by comparing him to Kato Kaelin? Yeah, O.J. was a defining cultural reference point of the era.

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7. It was, like, a really good school.

At least, in your early high school years — it was all about studying. Also, note how a Junior’s Friday afternoon involved hopping into a “disheveled BMW.” The designated student parking lot looked like a car show, with hot-and-cold-running luxury autos.

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8. It was all about brand names.

There are too many references to BMW and Fred Segal in this book to count. It’s kind of mesmerizing.

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9. We had strong opinions on Coffee Bean, Ricki Lake, and Jodie Foster — among other super ’90s things.

You guys, Starbucks was not even a thing. It was all about Ice-Blended Mochas and Ice-Blended Vanillas from the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. (Also, I guess we really loved and really hated Boyz II Men?)

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10. Hormones raged.

According to a student poll, more than half of guys and a full two-thirds of girls admitted to being obsessed with a crush. We were all apparently majorly, totally, butt-crazy in love with our versions of Josh!

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11. It was a big year for TV.

Attending Beverly High in the mid-’90s meant getting asked a lot of questions about Brenda and Brandon from kids outside of school. Meanwhile, in a parallel fictional universe – Beverly Hills, 90210 – Tiffani Amber Theissen replaced Shannen Doherty in a shocking turn of events. More fun facts! The actual Beverly Hills High School is located in the zip 90212 – and there is no West Beverly High.

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12. It was also an amazing time for music.

There was no need to bug out if you left your Cranberries CD on the quad. It was seriously a superlative period in music history, with diverse new entries on the scene – including an emerging gangsta rap movement (not yet fully mainstream), and TLC’s release “CrazySexyCool.”

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