15 Peruvian Foods You Have To Try

So much more than ceviche.

1. Papa a la Huancaina

Delicious baked potato swimming in creamy ají chili sauce.

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2. Lomo Saltado

Meat, onions, tomatoes and ají chilli cooked in a wok with fried potatoes and rice. Heaveeeeeen!

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3. Choritos a la chalaca

Cho-ri-tos. Easy… steamed mussels, covered with a vegetable medley and the original peruvian corn. Amazingness!

ID: 1795974

4. Rocoto relleno

Rocoto pepper: spicy, juicy and steamy! Stuffed with meat and melting cheese…
Do I really need to say more?

ID: 1795982

5. Causa Rellena

Potato layers with tuna, chicken, mayo, veggies, avocado and eggs.

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6. Anticuchos

Meat on a stick cooked with glorious sauce in the grill. Gotta cover them in Huancaina sauce!

ID: 1795990

7. Arroz con mariscos

Seafood. Rice. Seafood. Rice. (Mouth watering yet?)

ID: 1795994

8. Pollo a la Brasa

100% Peruvian! Rotisserie Chicken with crunchy, mouth-watering fresh-cut french fries.

ID: 1795999

9. Chifa

Not just one dish, but lots of them! Cantonese-Peruvian fusion.

ID: 1796008

10. Picarones

A donut. Fried. With tons of delicious syrup. OH YES!

ID: 1796011

11. Turron de Doña Pepa

Sweet layers of sticky syrup covering anise-flavored sticks filled with rainbow candy on the top.

ID: 1796018

12. Suspiro Limeño

Silky caramel base topped with sweet meringue. Sweet heaven!

ID: 1796022

13. Pachamanca

Cooked in a hole in the earth, best known as “Pacha Mama” (Mother Earth).

ID: 1796025

14. Chicha Morada

Purple corn drink. Sooooo good!

ID: 1796038

15. Inca Kola

Nothing is complete without the golden Peruvian drink. Bubbly and sparkly yellow sunlight of epic-ness!

ID: 1796047

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