18 Pokémon Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You

Some of the the original 151 have it rough.

18. Charmander

Its tail is a flame, and if it goes out Charmander will die.. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!

ID: 2204505

17. Diglett

Tripping people, causing road damage, and carrying Professor Oak away on his bike in that one movie. Ya’ll caused a heap o’trouble.

ID: 2204559

16. Metapod and Kakuna

HARDEN. That is all. Literally.

ID: 2204526

15. Gyarados

Just because you can do this with its name ;)

ID: 2204606

14. Psyduck

Caught in a permanent headache. Can you imagine? Also, Misty’s Psyduck totally screwed up that picture. Awks.

ID: 2204561

13. Charizard

You’re obviously a dragon, but you’re not cool enough to be classified a dragon type. At least not until 6th gen. Sowwy :/

ID: 2204512

12. Gloom

Stuck in a permanent derp face.

ID: 2204557

11. Squirtle

Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

ID: 2204519

10. Ash’s Pikachu

After all the sh*t Ash has put you through over the past 17 years, you now realize he is an immortal 10 year old boy. Possibly 12. Nobody really knows. Wow, what a day.

ID: 2204543

9. Jigglypuff

All it wants to do is sing…

… Also, I wish I could pull off doing that face when I got angry.

ID: 2204550

8. Zubat


ID: 2204556

7. The Scyther suffering from an identity crisis.

Or just the stupidity of Team Rocket.. Both seem pretty bad to me.

ID: 2204573

6. Magikarp

That just about sums it up.

ID: 2204614

5. Machamp

Remember that super embarrassing moment when Squirtle beat Machamp by using bubble in the first Pokemon movie? Yeah. Me too.

ID: 2204593

4. Grimer

ID: 2204597

3. Muk

There’s really nothing worse than being a pile of sludge.

ID: 2204600

2. Cubone

This one’s sad, but honestly. There is nothing worse than what happened to Cubone’s mother. Except… Maaaaaaaaybe..

ID: 2204603

1. Any of Team Rocket’s Pokemon.

ID: 2204620

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