Instagram Took Down All Those Pictures Of Men With Their Penises In Socks, Then Put Them Back

The #cockinasockblock is now over. Mildly NSFW.

1. Updated — March 26, 2:08 p.m. GMT: The cocks in socks are back!

Instagram has yet to issue a statement on what was going on. Original story below.

2. So the chances are you’ve heard about this campaign to raise cancer awareness.

After Cancer Research U.K. raised £8 million in a matter of days for their #nomakeupselfie campaign, men thought they needed to help out. The #cockinasock trend was born.

3. But right now this is happening.

Alan White / BuzzFeed

4. Which is making BuzzFeed’s original post look a little weird.

5. Updated — March 26, 12:17 p.m. GMT:

Despite requests, Instagram has not provided a statement on this story. However the hashtags are now live:

Alan White / BuzzFeed

The company can’t comment on specific cases and images, but images are removed when they don’t adhere to terms and conditions.

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