Would You Like To See Some Pictures Of People Kissing Their Dogs With Tongues?

Because now you can.

1. Photographer Chris Sembrot was inspired to make this series by the love he has for his own dog, Sadie.

Chris Sembrot / Via

2. He tells BuzzFeed: “Every dog owner that I am privileged to know shares the same unbounded love for their beast as I do.”

Chris Sembrot / Via

3. “Sometimes that love is expressed in the form of sloppy kisses.”

Chris Sembrot / Via

4. “While I do not personally open-mouth kiss Sadie, I am inspired to capture this kind of unbridled, sweet affection for Man’s Best Friend.”

Chris Sembrot / Via

5. “These images are provocative, and maybe even disgusting to some viewers.”

Chris Sembrot / Via

6. “But what I see is the same crazy sweet love that happens when parents let their toddlers stick their hands in their mouths.”

Chris Sembrot / Via

He adds: “It’s not sexy, it’s not inappropriate, it’s just love. And there’s nothing healthier than love.”

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Alan White is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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