Look At The Incredible Transformation Of Britain’s Most Tattooed Man

This post includes a tribute to The Jeremy Kyle Show.

Hi there, Mathew Whelan.

Or – as he’s now known since changing his name: Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite. Although he also goes by the name “Bart”, so let’s go with that. BPM Media

ID: 3431116

Bart has a tribute to The Jeremy Kyle Show on the back of his head because it’s his favourite show.

BPM Media

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And he’s had his left eyeball tattooed.

BPM Media

ID: 3431077

He also has a silicone-filled ball pushed into his chest. The flesh will eventually tighten around it and will leave the impression of a skull poking out of the skin.

BPM Media

BPM Media

ID: 3431087

It’s a risky procedure, as his body could reject the foreign body that’s been put inside it.

BPM Media

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He got his first tattoo aged 16, but he’d wanted to get them since the age of nine, when he became obsessed with Maori culture.

BPM Media

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He’s had some tattoos removed, but only so he can add new ones.

BPM Media

BPM Media

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Earlier this year, he was refused a passport because of his unusual name, which he had changed by deed poll.

BPM Media

BPM Media


Yup. Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-Ite is his actual name.

ID: 3431090

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