This Might Be The Most Unexpected Delivery Note Of All Time

Not sure “sorry” quite cuts it in this instance.

1. What?

“Stuck on roof – sorry!”

ID: 3566627

2. No, really. Poor Benjamin Ward.

ID: 3566628

3. Not gonna work, guys.

ID: 3566656

4. It’s amazing what a Twitterstorm can do.

ID: 3566641
ID: 3566643

@benjamin1980 Hi Benjamin, we have confirmation that your local courier is currently on his way back to your address with a ladder to (1/2)

— myhermes (@myhermes)
ID: 3566644

@benjamin1980 retrieve your parcel. I would like to apologise once again for the inconvenience this has caused you. Thanks, John (2/2)

— myhermes (@myhermes)
ID: 3566645

8. The company sent the courier back to Ward’s house.

Ward gave him a rake to knock it off the roof, and all was well. We’re still not entirely sure how it ended up there.

ID: 3566652

9. Could’ve been worse, of course. At least it wasn’t the pizza delivery man.

ID: 3566666


It turns out the roof isn’t the only place these guys have dropped parcels off.

ID: 3583426

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Alan White is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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